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Invited Talks

June 2018- Difficulties of integrating older workers into the labor market: The employer's point of view, JDC- Eshel, Jerusalem, Israel

March 2016- Older workers in the labor market: Existing situation and policy implications. Lecture in the course: "Policy for an Aging Society: Issues and Options", Boston College

March 2015- Difficulties of Integrating Older Workers into the Labor Market. Seminar for doctoral students in the Department of Labor Studies, Tel Aviv University, Israel

February 2015- Older Workers in the labor market. Lecture in the Career and Entrepreneurship Conference, Israel.  


January 2015- The Choice between Welfare and Employment. Seminar in the Department of Economics and Management, Ariel University, Israel.

October 2013- Older workers in the labor market. Lecture in the Adults Employment Lobby- The Israeli Parliament "Knesset".    

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